`Human-in-the-loop’ refers to Machine Learning and AI processes where humans provide inputs, guidance, or corrections to train and improve automated systems.

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A lot is happening in the world.

Humans, however, were not designed to handle the overwhelming amount of information we are exposed to daily.

The too-much-ness of the world has caused us to check out or distract ourselves at a time when our attention is most needed. This leaves us vulnerable to 1) misinformation (inaccurate) and disinformation (intentionally inaccurate) and 2) puts us in the back seat while the course of our trajectory is decided for us.

My goal is to help you bridge the knowledge gap.

Think of me as a scout a little further down the trail. I’ll report on what you can expect and identify the pitfalls to avoid.

I’ll share the lessons I’ve learned, pulling from a lifetime of experience: My background in the performing arts, my time as an Acupuncturist and Integrative Medicine practitioner, and a decade in tech as an Experience Designer and Workplace Strategist.

My current focus is on the intersection of AI, Creativity, and Learning. I’ve jumped headfirst into creating digital artwork, utilizing AI as a dynamic tool.

Being creative with AI has brought me immense joy to be able to express myself through this medium. I’ll be sharing more about my process, but go ahead and follow my Instagram account to see what AI has helped me do.

Our Goals and Intentions (Me, You, Us)

  1. Understand the Intersection of Technology and Humanity:

    • Explore how technology reshapes our work, life, creativity, and connections.

    • Gain insights into becoming an active participant in technological innovation.

  2. Amplify the Imperative of Tech Literacy:

    • Emphasize the urgency of becoming fluent in technology's evolving language.

    • Address the necessity of this knowledge in our rapidly changing world.

    • Identify gaps in knowledge and provide readers with actionable steps toward tech literacy.

    • Share knowledge through community chat forums.

  3. Advocate for Inclusivity in Tech's Future:

    • Highlight the importance of diverse voices in steering technology's trajectory.

    • Advocate for visibility and representation in tech discussions and developments.

  4. Present Clear and Insightful Writing with a Holistic Perspective:

    • Offer comprehensive views on current technological trends and their connection to our lived human experience.

    • Break down complex topics into understandable, digestible insights.

    • Seek feedback, suggestions, and alternate viewpoints from readers.

  5. Imagination with a Healthy Level of Skepticism:

    • Share my ever-evolving perspective and lessons learned from many personal and professional experiences.

    • Foster a balance between embracing and critically assessing technological advancements and their impact on diverse communities.

Eric Kerr, Strategist, AI Neophyte, Writer + Digital Creator.

My Writing Style

ChatGPT says Eric’s writing style is “Conversational, relatable, analytical, and engaging. Eric employs metaphor and personal anecdotes, along with detailed, research-based insights and practical advice.”

Check out my more personal writing on Medium.

Unless otherwise stated, all written words, ideas, and materials within this publication are mine — derived from the chaos that is my brain.

All mentions should link to the source material, and longer quotes or supplemental graphics will be in the footnote citations. I intend always to give credit where credit is due, but I am human and capable of making mistakes.

I regularly employ AI tools, like Claude, ChatGPT, and Grammarly, to help organize my thoughts, edit my work, and become a stronger writer.

Inaccurate information or false claims are entirely unintentional, and I kindly ask you to notify me of such errors so I may address them promptly.

A Human in the Loop
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If you were an old-school lumberjack skilled with an axe, what would you do if I gave you a chainsaw – which you have never seen before? Would you welcome the upgrade or resist the change? Would you need a tutorial or figure it out on your own? <yikes…
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AI and Art

In addition to my written work, I have been utilizing Midjourney as a creative outlet, bringing my imagination to life. I fully immersed myself in the platform, learning through trial and error.

I am actively working on a tutorial and prompt guide. In addition, I hope to set up an online shop to purchase my digital images.

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My First GPT

Check out Art Index! Your guide to better DALL-E images. Learn art terminology to achieve desired outputs in less time.

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